About Me

Hey I’m Clau,

Online entrepreneur, forever willing to achieve even if not ready.
Passionate about emotions and how to express them in a healthy way;
I believe by allowing yourself to feel, you can connect to what you want, who you are, and really make your dreams happen. It starts with you. How much do you welcome who you are?

I ain’t a psychologist, but I learned a lot about the way emotions work,
what to do around them and how the path to be more free is easier than you think. I share my thoughts and feelings with the will that it’ll help you be more connected to your truth.

Not the forever-positive-hyper-hype-up true you that you could build on social media. Just you, as you are. Because you are amazing, already, right here right now.

We love you.
We build base. We BAZE y'all.
Let's change this world together.

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