The need of palm trees.

As much as it sounds cheesy or simple, I need to be surrounded by tropical beauty. I need to have a coconut to grab easily. I need the sun and warm weather. My heart simply feels at home with these surroundings. I use to deny these desires because they always felt like a quirk, like a small whim, like, come on, you have a roof over your head, a salary, friends, a beautiful family, it’s just a silly dream. Forget it.

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Just Start

I recently got inspired by this idea: Someone needs your story. Someone out there needs your life experience. I used to be pretty quiet on social media. No selfies on Instagram, not much pictures on Facebook. No live, oh for sure no live. And recently that idea got into my head. And the truth of ‘’maybe I’m a bit too shy to show up’’. And that’s where everything started. The desire of a blog, a voice. Hearing my voice more often, showing up, answering, making myself heard. Scared of the haters? Well who cares anyway.

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