Just Start

Just Start

By Claudiane Reny

I recently got inspired by this idea: Someone needs your story.

Someone out there needs your life experience.

I used to be pretty quiet on social media. No selfies on Instagram, not much pictures on Facebook. No live, oh for sure no live.

And recently that idea got into my head. And the truth of ‘’maybe I’m a bit too shy to show up’’. And that’s where everything started. The desire of a blog, a voice. Hearing my voice more often, showing up, answering, making myself heard. Scared of the haters? Well who cares anyway.

I have a whole article here (link)

Showing up on social media is like showing up in real life. Well of course one is harder than the other, and more confronting. But I feel although commenting on posts is so easy, showing a picture, video, recording of yourself and exposing your truth and your ideas is a bit more difficult. Fear of being judged, fear of not being relevant or what if no one reads what I say.

But what if you share your story and then it inspires others. What if you share who you are, and it helps others becoming who they are? That idea of ‘’the necessity to show up’’ came to me, half introvert that I am.

You create more by showing up than by silencing your voice. Go ahead, just go ahead and risk. Staying in your shell will always be a higher risk.

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